Division of Biology and Medicine
Office of Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Medicine@Brown: Pathways Guide More Students to Medicine

Programs offer mentorship and resources to increase access and representation.

Luckson Omoaregba, MS, stepped into a newly created role at the Medical School to address a great frustration for him.

The inaugural director of pipeline programs says he has been considerably bothered “seeing [marginalized youth]with talent, seeing people with the energy and the personality and the drive and the light to do amazing things … not having the resources to do [them], not having the support system or programs available.”

Brown’s pathway programs remove this barrier by preparing students from groups traditionally underrepresented in medicine (UiM) for a future in health care and connecting them with experts in the field. Since Omoaregba’s appointment in December, he has been working to strengthen these initiatives and will evaluate their long-term success, stressing the importance of their sustainability and positive impact on students’ lives.

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